Bronner / Patterson Ancestors
Bronner / Patterson Ancestors
Geoffrey and Kristen Bronner
This web site is a record of the ancestors of Geoffrey V. Bronner and Kristen K. Bronner.

The information on this site is still being researched and verified and may contain errors. Much of the information on the Bronner, Van Voorhees, Lidell and Tilden ancestry is based on research by Frederick V. Bronner (1925-2013), Frederick L. Bronner (1901-1986), Bernice Bronner (1897-1964), and Grace Lidell Bronner (1866-1953). Information on the McCutcheon ancestry is based on research by Kelly Patterson (1967-).

Grace Lidell Bronner likely began this work when she researched and submitted a membership application for the Daughters of the American Revolution around 1896. Her daughter Bernice collected oral histories in the 1920s. Her son Frederick, a history professor at Union College, began organizing and archiving family documents.

Acknowledgements must also be made to A. Ross Eckler, author of Three Pioneers of Stark (1997); the Lebanon Historical Society in Connecticut; Sam Bixler at the Hiram Historical Society in Ohio; and The Van Voorhees Association. The 1880 census data published on has also been very helpful.

Information from this web site is also archived in the GENDEX WWW Genealogical Index ( and the WorldConnect Project (